Why Are Most Indian Gangster Movies Linked to Mumbai?
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We all love a good dose of criminal thrillers on the silver screen. The larger-than-life portrayal of the hero and the interesting climax in these movies make them an instant hit among all cine lovers.
For instance, Nayagan is a legendary movie from the Tamil film industry which was released way back in 1987, and managed to achieve the stature of a cult movie. The story is inspired by “The Godfather” and tracks the path of a little boy who runs off to Mumbai after murdering a police officer responsible for killing his father. Abhimanyu is another Malayalam crime drama film where the plot revolves in and around Mumbai.
If you are wondering why Mumbai seems to be the hub of major gangster movies, there are some very well-established reasons for the same:

  1. Mumbai has been a favourite place for many gangsters way before any movies were made on their lives. The city being a trading port has many small docks like Mandwa which were once the den for illegal activities like smuggling. The biggest gangsters of India somehow started their career in Mumbai. This strange relationship has inspired directors and producers to base the plot of their crime thrillers in Mumbai.
  2. Crime is prevalent in all Indian cities in some degree or the other. However, the criminal activities in Mumbai are often highlighted in a more sensational manner by the media than it is done elsewhere — which is one of the main reasons behind the city’s reputation as the hub of organised crime in India. This has made Mumbai the favourite location for many gangster movie directors.
  3. Lastly, Mumbai is where thousands of people pour in from across the country every day with hopes to start a career or to fulfil a dream. Some manage to find their luck and rise up, while many others are not so fortunate. The cumulative effect of these factors have given rise to Mumbai’s image as the city of dream and reality; of slums and skyscrapers. No wonder, the city offers an apt backdrop for the themes — of urban poverty in slums, corruption in society, and the associated crimes — that we see in most gangster films.

Gangster movies based in Mumbai are a thrill to watch and have a different appeal, much like the unique flavour and style of the city.

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