The Greatest Romantic Duos of All Time
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If you are watching a romantic movie, then a lot depends on the romantic duo to define the amount of your engagement and the movie’s entertainment value. Whether it be old-school romance or modern day love, romantic characters often define the love that viewers have for a particular story.

In the south, the movie-worshipping cult is well-known, but it is also true that endearing romantic characters are undeniable in their pull. Here are some of the greatest romantic duos of all times.


The best connect about this romantic duo had been their matched attitudes; they perfectly complemented each other without being inter-dependent in any gender specified roles. The alluring tale this romantic duo created has attained a status akin to fairytales. Although the movie series, Baahubali (2015 & 2017) had other pairs, this duo takes the cake.


A cult romantic pair if there ever was any. Based on a novel by Bengali writer, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, this story, however, has no language barriers. Starring the young Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Savitri, the Devadasu-Parvati romantic duo in the film Devadasu (1953) is perfect yet tragic. A veritable combination of yearning and romance that has and further will withstand the romance genre’s many changes.


The 1989 Telugu love story, Geethanjali, is one unique romantic offering that will always remain unforgettable for every movie fan out there. Carefree, youngsters engrossed in both love and life are the most fascinating kind of romantic duos that the world wants to engage with. This romantic duo personified everything fresh, innocent and hopelessly in love.


This is a romantic duo from the film Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015) that will hold a light throughout history and across societies. Wherever man has created boundaries and segregated through social classes, a Moideen and Kanchanmala will emerge there. This romantic duo shows the inherent nature of romance as an unbridled flood that knows no restrictions and is always the strength of a relationship.

Romantic duos keep the love alive throughout history. The audience loves to see the chemistry that renders a story its perfection, and this can be done only through romantic couples who seep inside you. And, suddenly their story is your story, and the way their love enfolds becomes an integral part of your emotions.

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If you are watching a romantic movie, then a lot depends on the romantic duo to define the amount of your engagement and the movie’s...