5 Movies to Watch on Father’s Day
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Father’s Day is nearing and there’s a lot of catching up to do. The enthusiasm isn’t much as the both the concept is new and publicity nascent but the relationship is very much special. Obviously, most of us end up without plans because the fathers generally aren’t very expressive, hence no cues!

Let’s change that. Here are the five movies to watch on Father’s day and let the emotions flow.

Drishyam (2013 – Malayalam)

A father provides and protects, notwithstanding his abilities and achievements, a father’s objective sense of his children’s well-being triumphs all. In this movie, a middle-class and averagely educated father decides to go all out to preserve his children and family. In this tight and evocative movie, a father shows how the end justifies the means. This movie was remade in five languages, and Sify reviewed this version as ‘excellent’.

DeivaThirumagal (2011 – Tamil)

Beautiful emotions and an unorthodox role reversal in maturity levels sets this father-daughter movie apart. The legal hassles, the characters touched by the amazing bond are a treat to watch and will touch your heart. This movie will open up conversations and make way for hugs all around.

Apu Trilogy (1955-56-59 – Bengali)

PatherPanchali, Aparajito and Apu’rSansar have their cult status and are already on the must-watch list of many. But what makes this gruelling movie still an epic watch after 60 odd years—more so on Father’s Day—is the journey with a father, without a father and towards becoming a father. A poignant and timeless tale, this movie marathon is bound to elicit emotions.

Udaan (2010 – Hindi)

The beautiful and happy relationship portrayals are easy to like, but the difficult part is accepting that a whole other side of the coin exists too. This moving story of a father who drinks, abuses and ignores his children and relegates them to the mercy of hostels and step-mothers, will not seem like an ideal pick for this special day. But this movie, teach us to appreciate what we have and what we should embrace.

Nannaku Prematho (2016 – Telugu)

The movie that is credited with bringing the father sentiment trend in Tollywood has a brilliant underlying emotion of father and son. Also, this is a grand concept thriller can provide an entertaining time that can be a welcome break from the overtly emotional ones.

So take your pick from this list and make sure to stock up on snacks and tissues! Visit www.vishvasmovies.com for more such interesting articles.

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