5 Movie Clichés that Need to Stop Right Away!
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What do you get when you throw together a supreme macho hero, a damsel in distress and the mandatory number of gravity-defying fight scenes? The typical formula for almost all South Indian movies, of course!

While you are on the right path for most of the time, you end up losing your way. Having said that, it is true that now is the best time for the films. Instead of only catering to commercial films with easily sold stars, there have been more content-concentric, diverse storytelling and characters that audiences enjoy.

But from time to time, there always comes a movie with the same clichés and tropes. At times, it’s presented well with sounder scripts while other times, it’s exploited unashamedly! These plot shortcuts need to be stopped as soon as possible!

• Fight Club for One

Imagine the scene: our macho hero surrounded by the villain and his 101 goons. Even if the hero is alone, why is it that the villain chooses to go easy on the hero? He only sends his goons one by one to attack the hero. Sometimes, the villain chooses to fight the hero (mind you, that’s always after all his goons are defeated!) as a result of continuous belittlement of his skills (read: masculinity) by the hero, only to be defeated in the end.

• Villain Misunderstood

How is it possible for any sane girl to fall for the so-called good guy (aka our hero) even after he catcalls her or stalks her? And she gets angry at the sight of the villain who only asks for her hand for marriage while maintaining a safe distance. Let’s call this the ‘Raavanan Syndrome.’

• E.T: Extra Talented

Not only will our hero be a master in pretty much, ALL martial arts, he would also be an accomplished stuntman. He can jump over/between buildings like our neighbourhood superhero, Spiderman. All this will be accompanied by his “marvellous” dancing skills.

• The (Un)Beautiful Heroine

The heroine is ALWAYS the prettiest girl in the movie. But somehow no one notices it. Except for the hero. Is everyone blind?

• The Secret Life of the Heroes

If the protagonist is a cop, he is SURE to be involved in an operation which the others are unaware of. And the funny part? He wouldn’t report to his immediate superior. Nope, he only reports to the highest authority in the state.

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