5 Films you should watch this mother’s day
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So, what`s the agenda set for your Mother this Mother`s day? I`m sure you have listed the perfect gifting ideas by getting her gifts from her wish list, ordering delicious cakes, and surprising her with sweet-scented flowers to warmly greet her with your love and kisses. But, these are gifts that money can buy.
This Mother’s Day, gift her joy that involves you spending quality time with her. Spend the whole day with your mother and watch some of the best movies that appreciate all the little nuances of Motherhood.

English Vinglish (2012-Hindi)

How many times are we exasperated at our mother for doing things wrong? Ironical indeed, since every basic function we perform today is because of her. A ‘vernac’ mother’s journey towards speaking English and in this way making the daughter and the family realize that her true potential did not lie in her language skills but in being ‘her’, a mother.

Icche (2011-Bengali)

This unique story is about a mother and son, and of motherhood too. As a mother whose upbringing of her son is based on one-sided decisions and severe dominance, she finds it unacceptable to see her son decide for himself. And the rebellious son drifts away into mediocrity, the very thing the mother was sheltering him from. An emotional journey of a mother’s failure, of a son’s failure and of motherhood’s reigns.

Manjha (2017-Marathi)

This story about a mother-son relationship is of mutual strength and support. A refreshing take on a gutsy mother who has her teenage son confiding in her and together they take on life and its challenges. Teenage is difficult but mothers can help you sail through with confidence.

Mothers and Daughters (2016-English)

This relationship comes in various shades and each one is adorable in its own way. A series of interwoven stories let you dwell on the special bond you share with your mother and showcases what all it takes to be one.

Achuvinte Amma (2005-Malayalam)

A deep-rooted and unusual mother-daughter relationship that will find many examples in today’s age. The conflict arises when a man in the daughter’s life changes the equation for the caring single mother. The realism of the movie is equally balanced with a fantastical climax. A must watch.

The movies in the list will not just entertain but also highlight points that we usually don’t broach in everyday conversations.

With that being said, enjoy these movies and have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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